International Trucks – CXT Super Truck makes Hummer Look Small

International | December 1, 2010

Among them I likes the most is the CXT. It was also known as Commercial Extreme Truck. The truck was large; I should say it was super large. How large it is? it weighs 14,500 around double of Hummer H1. The super pickup truck is with GVWR 25,999 lb which makes the truck the largest production pickup truck ever made.

The International CXT trucks were equipped with DT 446 diesel engine that generated a towing power up to 20 tons. The CXT trucks are built on 7300 chassis offers comfortable spacing for four passengers that excludes driver.

The International CXT trucks was not a normal pickup truck. It was coming out form the production assembly of the legendry International Trucks; hence it had to be special and luxurious. The interior was not less than a luxury SUV. Seats were leather and all other upholstery items include leather and ostrich skin. To taste more luxury DVD and satellite radio were standard, and of course there were many options that included entertainment system and Bluetooth etc.

The 4 wheel drive monster double the size of a Hummvee uses Allison 2500HD transmission system borrowed from other International Trucks.

The mpg figure was 8-10 and has 70 gallon fuel tank.

If you think the pickup truck you own manufactured for Ford, GMC or a Dodge is big your perception for big will change for ever after seeing the International CXT trucks. The CXT is super big it is industrial sized.

The CXT trucks are over 21 feet long, cab height of 9 feet, in so much of space even 7ft personalities can accommodate comfortably. Even when under taker the 7 footer sits in the truck there would be enough space to spare.

International Trucks offered the beast with three engine option. The base was the DT466 that generates 245 horsepower and 600 lb ft of torque. The largest engine option was the DT570 that generated 310 horsepower and a whooping 950 lb ft of torque that was enough to tow up to 17,000 lbs.

So how much does it costs? That something I will answer in the end.

The extra features on the International CXT includes
  • Custom paint
  • Flat screen TV
  • Rear camera
  • XM satellite radio
  • DVD player

As the company mainly targeted business owners, the truck was mostly brought by towers who had reached maximum towing capacity with their Ford or a GMC.

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